How To Bid & Buy

Buss Realty & Auction, LLC

  • 1). Begin by Registering for your new Buss Auction account. Register now!
  • 2). After submitting your registration form for a new account, the Team at Buss Auction will carefully review your submission, and if approved, you will receive a confirmation email.
  • 3). Once you’ve been approved, log in to Buss Auction and begin bidding on property, land and assets immediately. (you may need to add some additional information to your account after logging in for the first time, such as a phone number, address, etc. You will receive an alert while bidding if this is the case.)
  • 4). Buss Auction uses something called Proxy Bidding. Proxy Bidding allows Bidders to set a maximum price that they would be willing to pay for a property / item. After setting your Maximum Bid, the Buss Auction website will take over bidding for you, incrementing your bids to be competitive with other bidders and to ensure you pay only what is necessary to win. Please note, you may adjust your Maximum Bid for any property / item you have bid on, at any time BEFORE the auction for said property / item has closed.
  • 5). If you are the winning bidder on any property / item, the team at Buss Auction will contact you to arrange a transfer of funds. We may ask for your bank routing information during this time. Please have the appropriate information available in order to expedite the transaction.

Please contact the team at Buss Auction directly if you have any questions.