How payments work

Brief description of how the payment process for location-based auctions and virtual / online auctions work.

Online / Virtual Auctions

Step 1) Auctions Dashboard

Once you have won a bid for an item, you will be required to visit your Auctions Dashboard where you will see a list of all of your winning bids.

Step 2) Initiate Payment

From your Auctions Dashboard, and with the “Won” tabs selected, you will see a list of all of the items you have won during bidding. Look for a red button that says “click to initiate payment!” and simply click that button.

Step 3) Fill Out Form

Proceed to fill out the “Initiate Payment” form. Many of the fields will be pre-populated for you. You will need to add a phone number where you can be reached at, and you will need to write a brief message. Finally, click the blue button that says “Initiate Payment”.

Step 4) Status Change

After submitting the Initiate Payment form, you will see that Payment Status for the associated item change from “Click to initiate payment” to “Processing”. This means that we have received your form submission and will be contacting you very soon with next steps.

Step 5) Phone Call

After receiving your from submission, we will call you directly using the phone number you submitted to arrange a wire or bank transfer or some other form of debit or credit transaction.

Step 6) Funds Verification

Once we have verified the funds and initiated a money transfer, the status for your item within your dashboard, will change from “Processing” to “Completed”.

Step 7) Title / Asset Transfer

After the money transfer has completed, we will arrange with you a full, legal transfer of all titles and assets associated with the property or asset you have won.